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Mental Notes Consulting Singapore is committed to developing healthy high achievers in sport and academic performance.

Dr Jay-Lee Nair provides psychological services to youth and adult individuals looking to raise their standards of performance and thrive under pressure; with less stress and anxiety.

With Dr Jay-Lee, individuals have access to her expertise in research and extensive counseling experience with ‘perfectionism leading to anxiety.’ Dr Jay-Lee helps anxious high achievers by showing them how to optimise their mind-set when striving for excellence. Individuals will be able to enhance their mental health and well-being, particularly if they experience high levels of chronic stress and physical pain associated with their demanding careers.

Dr Jay-Lee’s consultation specialty lies in identifying and maximising individuals’ strengths towards achieving their goals. As an accredited Realise2 practitioner, Dr Jay-Lee will profile your unique strengths and weaknesses and help you discover your learned behaviours, which can de-energise you and lead to stress and burnout.

Dr Jay-Lee has completed a Masters degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) specialising in Sport and Exercise Psychology. She is a Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia, and Member of the Australian Psychological Society.

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